What does SNCIRE stand for?
Skeena-Nass Centre for Innovation in Resource Economics

How do you pronounce SNCIRE?
The same way you pronounce 'sincere'

Why Skeena-Nass and not Northwest BC?
Though the terms Skeena-Nass and Northwest BC can be used interchangeably to describe our incredible region, we use the term Skeena-Nass as often as possible in order to avoid confusion while communicating with external stakeholders. The term 'Northwest BC' can be easily shortened to the Northwest, which can refer to the Northwest of any province, country or region. The same is true when using other terms to describe our area such as Northwest Coast, Pacific Northwest, etc. 

How is SNCIRE different from other economic development agencies in Northwest BC?
SNCIRE was not created to be an economic development agency nor was it meant to replace community economic development agencies or other regional bodies. Our aim is to fill a void that has been voiced time and time again by stakeholders in the Skeena-Nass Region and our provincial and national government - the need for a regional voice on matters related to the natural resource economy in our area. To understand where we are coming from, take a look at our guiding principles.

What does SNCIRE do?
This is a hard question to answer because we are involved in a diverse number of activities. The reasons our projects are so varied, just for starters, is because our natural resources and the region itself is so varied. As well, we believe that economic well-being is linked to social, environmental and cultural well-being, and large scale industrial projects and small entrepreneurial start-ups are equally important in the goal of diversifying our economy. For this reason, our projects vary greatly in scope and focus. Check out the different projects we are or have been a part of. 

Who works for SNCIRE?
SNCIRE's team varies depending on our projects and new initiatives. The organization, however, maintains an executive director and a passionate board of directors. Check out our team page to meet them.