Beyond Lumber

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On June 29 and 30, 2012, in partnership with Skeena Diversity Society and Northwest Community College, SNCIRE hosted the Beyond Lumber – Art from Nature Conference and Art Show. About 30 Northwest BC artisans who work with natural materials gathered in Terrace, BC to learn from each other and industry experts how to succeed in the art world and showcase their talents. The event offered several valuable workshops for artisans including: Working with Galleries, Marketing Your Work, Photographing Your Work and Business Start-Up.

Participating artists worked with a range of material including different types of wood, bark, stone and more. Their works of art ranged from chainsaw-carved statues to hand-carved totem poles, baskets and hats woven with cedar bark to vases and bowls made of wood and stone.

This is the first year this event will be held but we hope to make into an annual or biannual celebration. Expected long-term benefits range across Northwest BC.

For Artisans

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  • For CommunitiesIncreased local awareness/building of reputation
  • Increased sales; sell locally for higher prices
  • Learning opportunities (take workshops)
  • Earning opportunities (teach workshops)
For Communities
  • Healthier art community
  • Increased tourism
  • Increased economic opportunities
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Diversified economy
  • Ability to host events and experiential tourism
  • Increased awareness and understanding of local cultures

For Businesses

  • Higher sales
  • New businesses
  • Healthier overall economy which creates more opportunity for all

Compared to common forms of land use, creating art from nature can yield the highest value forest products. Supporting artisans who work with natural materials, diversifies our natural resource economy while extracting the highest and fullest value from of our forest resources.

The intention behind Beyond Lumber was to highlight the value of Northwest BC’s forests and natural resources, raise the profile of Northwest BC artisans as a whole, and help individual artists market and sell their work. Feedback from the approximately 30 artisans, arts administrators and art dealers who attended the event tells us the event was beneficial - professionally and artistically.

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