Northwest Transmission Line Community Representative

BC Hydro initiated the Northwest Transmission Line (NTL) Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) Project in the fall of 2010 as part of the strategy to capture the benefits of the project. This important power infrastructure will enable significant investment in mining, gas and renewable power in Northwest BC.

The Steering Committee for the NTL LMP has broad representation and diverse skill sets drawn from a range of stakeholders throughout the region. SNCIRE Executive Director Rick Brouwer sat as the community representative on this Steering Committee and played the important role of adding a regional voice and perspective. He stepped down when SNCIRE was awarded the Implementation Coordinator contract for the project.

The Northwest Transmission Line will create up to an estimated 280 direct jobs per year of construction. The NTL LMP Steering Committee will facilitate as many locals as possible to fill those jobs.

As quoted from the Labour Market Research Summary submitted to the Labour Market Partnerships Steering Committee November 2011:

Northwest BC is facing an enormous growth opportunity. The NTL and the other major projects it will enable in the region will provide a level of business and employment opportunities never before seen in this area. To take advantage in the significant economic expansion and job growth expected over the next decade, Northwest BC must act immediately. Concurrent actions will need to be taken with multiple key stakeholders, including: the public, Aboriginal communities, students, the unemployed, the underemployed, displaced workers, skilled workers who left the region, qualified workers from other regions, companies, educators, community and business groups, the media and government agencies.

Time is of the essence, but care must be taken to focus on the tactics that will have the greatest positive impact in the region. Further, all steps must be taken with the goal of long-term, sustainable employment, economic prosperity and community development, rather than just short-term wins.

For more information:
Check out BC Hydro's Northwest Transmission Line project page or these reports released by the NTL LMP steering committee in early 2012: