A Strategy to Renew the Skeena-Nass Forest Economy

Renewal of the forest economy will depend on businesses making business decisions. 
Governments, communities and not-for-profit groups like SNCIRE generally don’t make business decisions but they can facilitate the growth of desirable businesses through the provision of knowledge, policies and/or infrastructure.

SNCIRE is collaborating with other regional stakeholders to make relevant knowledge available to businesses who make business investment decisions and to government agencies who develop policies and infrastructure. 

To guide that work, participants of the Slice of the Green Pie workshop asked SNCIRE to draft a plan. The resulting  Skeena-Nass Forest Sector Strategy is currently being circulated among stakeholders to solicit feedback and gain support.  The strategy seeks to support the following vision:

A substantial, integrated, diverse and resilient forest sector in the Skeena-Nass

Strategy 1: Build knowledge and expertise that can support optimal growth of the forest sector

Strategy 2: Share useful knowledge and expertise with the forest sector

Strategy 3: Collaborate regionally to address knowledge, policy and infrastructure gaps

Each strategy has a number of tactics, some of which are already underway: