Scenario Planning

Through the Pipelines and Pacific Coast Project, SNCIRE and Waterlution, a non-profit based in Ontario, hosted a series of scenario planning workshops in several Northwest BC communities during the fall of 2013.

The objective was to bring together community stakeholders, industry, First Nations, and key indiviuals to take a collaborative look at the big picture - social, cultural, economic and environmental regional impacts and opportunities - surrounding the proposed Coastal GasLink Pipeline.

While this scenario planning project focused on one pipeline (due to funding scope), it opened up new ways of communicating and analyzing a variety of pipeline proposals for Northwest BC.

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Final Report

Read the Pipelines and Pacific Coast Project final report highlighting the process that unfolded and the final scenarios. The report allows for an in-depth look at what the region could look like over the next 10-20 years, created by knowledgeable individuals in the region. Interested parties are also welcome to use this report for their own purposes. 

Note the report does not recommend a specific scenario; that is outside the scope of the project.

What is scenario planning"?

Scenario planning is a powerful tool for looking at complex problems and how the future might develop. Using a creative approach, it assesses current trends and relevant political, economic, social, cultural, and international dynamics. Scenarios are not about what will happen (forecasts) or what should happen (policy recommendations).


Great capacity building was developed within the Kitimat-Stikine and Bulkley-Nechako region within this 'Pipelines and the Pacific Coast' project. Many organizations may find the tools and techniques useful in years to come and applicable to a variety of contexts.

About Waterlution

Waterlution is a facilitator of multi-stakeholder dialogue. The organization uses process and content to engage young leaders, organizations, businesses and communities in fostering pattern-breaking and pattern-making change towards inclusive, sustainable ways to manage water.

Waterlution is a registered non-profit corporation that works across Canada and internationally, where strong local partnerships exist. It engages diverse individuals, organizations and communities in the exploration of creative management solutions that respect water and the broader ecosystem.

Thanks to the Real Estate Foundation of BC for providing funding!

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