Natural Opportunity: Biomass Forum

On April 28, 2011, SNCIRE and BC Timber Sales Skeena co-hosted a successful and well-attended session in Terrace about biomass. FPInnovations, a forest-sector reseach institute, provided detailed information on work they are doing and potential business opportunities related to biomass that could be used to diversify the Skeena-Nass regional economy. Project updates were also supplied by Pacific BioEnergy and Global Bio-Coal Energy.


Action items (SNCIRE / FPI / SCOPE / NWBC Fibre Coalition)

  • Delivered Fiber Cost Model utilizing FPI’s Interface model, including forest estate modeling.  
  • Modeling a full suite of wood products.
  • Wood properties study utilizing various tools such as Evalu Tree.
  • Transport efficiencies – LCV pilot.
  • Harvest debris piling strategies.
  • Tidewater access in Kitimat limitations review.
  • Market and opportunity analysis.
  • Bio-pathways Modelling Project  for NW Region.
  • Hemlock log up-grade study – value from marginal quality logs.