Skeena-Nass Region

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The Skeena-Nass region in Northwest BC has some of the most beautiful, rugged and isolated land and water in the world. The area's name comes from the two major rivers in the area - the Skeena and the Nass. The Skeena River is the second longest river running entirely in BC and is well-known for salmon fishing. The Nass River is also connected to salmon; Nass is the Tlingit First Nations word for "guts" and refers to the river's capacity to provide food in the form of salmon.

The region stretches to the northern borders of British Columbia south to the small Aboriginal village Bella Bella. In the west, it begins on the western shores of Haida Gwaii and extends east, just past Houston.

Download a map of BC outlining the region.

Rich with Culture and Diversity
The Skeena-Nass is made up of 29 communities, from small First Nation villages of fewer than 100 people to larger centres with populations in the thousands. The region covers almost one-fifth of the province, yet is home to less than 2% of its population, just over 70,000 people. Fresh air, clean water, incredible scenery and friendly people are just some of the reasons we live here.

Beautiful, Wild and Abundant
The Skeena-Nass is remote, rugged and wildly beautiful blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Our lakes and rivers drive the economic engines of fisheries, power production, and recreation. Our forests are home to thousands of species, the source of timber for shelter and wood products, of non-timber products, and a place for recreation and reflection. Our rocks and minerals are the target of many small and large mines, and companies continue to explore for more existing and potential sources. Our wildlife – precious salmon, rare Kermodei bears and more - are symbols of our culture and provide sustenance and income to our people and communities.

Economic Opportunities
Billions of dollars worth of projects such as the development natural gas pipelines, pellet terminals, ski resorts and more are in the works in our region. The combination of Skeena-Nass's natural resources, terrain, infrastruce and people make the area abundant with opportunities.