Communities prospering from a diverse natural resource economy that is commercially, environmentally and socially sustainable


Through innovation and research, SNCIRE will identify, develop and promote opportunities to build a resilient and sustainable natural resource economy in the Skeena-Nass region.

Guiding Principles

Wealth comes from the Land
Everything we have originates from the natural world.
Economic and Social Well-Being
Economic and social well-being are equally important and inextricably linked. Healthy communities have healthy economies, but healthy economies don't always translate into healthy communities.
New ideas and a new way of thinking are necessary for our region to fully prosper. What worked in the past will not necessarily work in the present or future. We need to be prepared to create our own opportunities and take advantage of changing circumstances.
Optimization and Diversification
The best solution is a diversity of solutions. We must extract the highest possible value from our natural resources and explore every possibility of production.
Short and Long-Term Benefits
A long-term vision is critical to regional success. Despite potential boom-times from big industrial projects, the past shows us that bust can follow boom. We need to use short-term growth to fuel long-term stabiltity and resilience.
Regional Strength
Solutions need to work for all of our people and communities – from the larger cities to the smallest, most remote villages. The region’s communities can accomplish and gain more by working together.
Local Knowledge is Critical
No one knows this region better than the people who live here. They are the ones who will lead the way to a resilient and prosperous Northwest BC. We must tap into local knowledge and visions first, then seek outside expertise if necessary.